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October 11th from 17,00 to 19,00

Discover Bologna

€25,00 a pax

You only have a few hours to stay in Bologna and want to learn the essential of the historical center? Or you’re always dreamed of an expert professional guide at your disposal to discover the secrets of a medieval city? This tour is made for you. Porticoes, monuments, towers which the UNESCO defined as the best preserved medieval center in the world, in only two hours.
ITINERARY: Hotel I Portici, Piazza Maggiore, entry to San Petronio Church, Piazza della Mercanzia, ancient market area, the Archiginnasio Palace, entry to Santa Maria della Vita and Two Towers.
Minimum 10 /Maximum 25 participants– Deadline for confirmation: October 3rd

Torri Tour

€45,00 a pax

Did you know that around the 13th century Bologna had more than 100 towers? Today only 24 of them are left: some of them are visible like the Asinelli, others are hidden between the medieval narrow streets of the center. This funny tour will bring you tower-hunting, to listen to what these silent buildings have to tell us and to admire a stunning city view from a great high!
INCLUDED IN THE RATE: guided walking tour of Bologna’s historic towers and entry to the Prendiparte Tower.
Minimum 10 /Maximum 25 participants– Deadline for confirmation: September 25th

Terms & Conditions

All tours are by feet and include an exclusive English speaking guide and the specified tickets entries

Pick up and drop off in front of Hotel I Portici, via Indipendenza 69, Bologna where bus from/to CNR stops

In order to book, please complete the booking form using capital letters and send it to Emilia Viaggi & Congressi

Fees include all applicable taxes.

Emilia Viaggi has the right to cancel the tour that fails to meet the required minimum tour participation numbers by the indicated dead-line dates.

All delegates will receive tour confirmations and/or broadcast email notifications updating them of confirmation/cancellation.
Credit cards will be charged only in case of confirmed tour.
After the confirmation no refunds will be possible.

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